Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reflections of Being Blessed - Be warned, it's sappy. :)

I am blessed.

These days my days blend into weeks which blend into months, and so I often forget to stop and ponder or reflect.

But tonight as I sit at my dining room table typing away on the laptop, I reflect.

Liza just turned 2. April 15th, so 6 days ago. She is starting to string words together into sentences, like "wuv me mommy!" which is her way of saying "I love mommy." And she asks to go on the potty, which makes me wonder how she changed from the helpless newborn who couldn't even hold her head up on her own, to this beautiful little girl running around my house, smiling, laughing, interaction, communicating, and amazing me with new experiences every day. I am blessed.

Sam is almost 10 months old. He smiles his huge 8-teeth toothy grin, he crawls across the room to me when he sees me, and sometimes right past me trying to explore the rest of the house :D He's still not a huge fan of food with flavour, but his daddy's sweet tooth is definitely showing in him as he gets so excited whenever given pudding or ice cream or other sweets. :) He sleeps through the night and smiles with delight when he wakes. I am blessed.

I think of work. Work has been a whirlwind of papers, managing co-workers (employee & subcontracted work), schedules, lining up new clients etc. I remember just a few short years ago struggling to make a start of my career as a bookkeeper. Diane helped me out so much at that time, taking me under her wing & teaching me the tricks of the trade. Then slowly my clientelle built up, only for me to cut it down when I got pregnant - not wanting to have too much on my plate & not be able to deliver the service I guarantee. But these last two seasons have seemed right for building up, and I've been able to go from 4 clients to over 15 (at last count I think it was 18, and I've been getting on average 1-2 new clients per week for a while). Anyways, point being that in my career, I am blessed.

And as a mother, and a wife, and a career/business woman, I have the best support network anyone could ask for. My husband Chris is amazing - completely supportive of me exercising my giftings to build up the business and then wanting to learn from me so that he can develop his skills more too. He has been the domestic parent, and happily cares for our kids and the day to day household chores. I couldn't do anything I do without the support he provides. And we are surrounded by family and close friends who help to give us breaks and make us laugh and help add meaning & richness into our lives. In relationships, I am blessed.

Why am I bragging about all my blessings?

Because I so often complain. I shouldn't complain so much, but I do, and I'll be the first to admit it. I whine & complain when paperwork doesn't go the way I want it to, when it rains when I want it to shine, when the computer is going slow, or when the kids have runny noses. I whine & complain. Sitting here though, thinking about it, my complaints are so lame, and I am so blessed. So although if you read this blog again, I am sure you will read again some whining & complaining, or ranting of some type, but today - not today, today I reflect on my blessings and say thank you God (and everyone). :D


  1. You are blessed and its about time you noticed!! Just kidding :) Keep the writing coming, I love it! :)

  2. It is good to stop and smell the roses, it keeps life in perspective.